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Case Study

Custom shipping of specialty vehicles for Fortune 10 auto manufacturer

dfYOUNG helped to secure a custom airfreight container using military-grade aluminum with unmatched safety and security during shipping and handling and developed a custom visibility system and communication tool specifically for the shipment of their vehicle globally.

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We Take
An Individual

You won't hear us describing our work as business-to-business. It's pure person-to-person. Looking at the world through fresh eyes means seeing each customer individually, each challenge as unique.

Industry Leader for Over 100 Years

In 1903, dfYOUNG helped American manufacturers get their goods to market by horse and cart. Today, we pave the way for international shipments across continents, using the most sophisticated air, sea and land transportation services available.

Global Agent Network

We utilize worldwide agent affiliates. We know a strong local agent can attract better employees, understand the country laws and regulations more clearly, and provide a superior overall service to our customers.

Built for Your Business

Our custom applications enable seamless access to rich, real-time supply chain information from the unique perspectives your business requires. We provide global tracking, KPI reporting and exception management, document management, dynamic downloads, booking and rate requests.

Technology That Drives Business

Our visibility solutions are unique in the industry and provide a real-time view of your entire global supply chain with a simple internet connection.

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Simple, fast and easy to use. You can track your shipments through our mobile apps.

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