Case Study

Logistic delivery solutions for global chocolate manufacturer in NYC

A themed tourist attraction with visitor centers located around the world required temperature-controlled shipping and delivery for their chocolate and fragile souvenir products. dfYOUNG created a customized solution to meet their near-daily delivery.


  • The Client replenishes its visitors’ center in Times Square, NYC, from locations in the North East USA. 
  • The center is stocked with a variety of products — from temperature-sensitive, climate-controlled foodstuffs to fragile souvenirs and plush toys.
  • The center must be regularly replenished, with deliveries occurring up to 6 nights a week.
  • The Client seeks a Logistics Service Provider that can provide superior service and value. As the deliveries include temperature-controlled food products and delicate collectibles, efficient and professional logistics operations are critical to minimizing loss, maintaining supply and ensuring timeliness.


  • dfYOUNG utilizes dedicated equipment, including refrigerated trucks, to regularly replenish the retail supply.
  • dfYOUNG drivers, knowledgeable about the area, the Client and special delivery requirements, ensure consistency and the highest level of service possible.
  • Key account contacts within our Client Services team are available to the Client to provide immediate care and support as needed, including organizing expedited shipments if necessary.


  • dfYOUNG has been the Logistics Service Provider for this Client for multiple consecutive years.
  • Our solution has upheld superior service levels while keeping costs low.
  • In 2017, more than 1 million pounds of product were replenished to the Times Square Visitors Center.
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